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We believe that in most cases a street dog recovers from an injury or ailment faster if he is not put through the stress of hospitalization. Under our Healthcare programme, many sick and injured street dogs are treated in their own territory. A few serious cases are brought to our Mahalaxmi centre.

The on-site first-aid programme is carried out by our Manager-Projects Pooja Mishra and the WSD first aid team, and by a large number of trained volunteers. Groups in different areas of the city treat street dogs with wounds, skin problems and other ailments. The groups work every Sunday and on other days too when required. This activity also helps in the task of counting and identifying dogs who need to be sterilized. If a dog is difficult to restrain, has a more serious injury or requires hygienic surroundings for recovery, it is admitted at our Mahalaxmi centre for treatment.

Homeopathy clinic for animals: Once a week we help run a homeopathy clinic where pet and street animals are treated for a wide variety of problems including infections, spinal injuries, growths, skin disease and behaviour problems such as aggression. Street animals are treated free of charge. If you want to bring an animal for homeopathic treatment, call 91-22-64222838.

Twice a year we hold free workshops for the public on basic first-aid for street dogs. The WSD "SOS" Workshops are now well-established and very well attended. Contact us if you wish to attend the next one.

What makes our healthcare programme unique:

  • On-site treatment.

  • No-kill policy.

  • We educate as many people as possible on basic first-aid so the maximum number of dogs can receive medical care when required.

A wounded street dog being treated on site by WSD volunteers

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