The street dog issue

The effective solution:

For decades the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai used to kill up to 50,000 street dogs annually. The method used was electrocution. In 1994, in response to demands made by our organisation and others, dog-killing was replaced by mass sterilisation and immunisation of street dogs

Under this programme, street dogs are surgically neutered and then replaced in their own area. They are also vaccinated against rabies

  • Since territories are not left vacant, new dogs cannot enter

  • Mating and breeding also cease

  • With no mating or crossing of territories, dog fights reduce dramatically

  • Since fighting reduces, bites to humans also become rare

  • The dogs are immunised, so they do not spread rabies

  • Over time, as the dogs die natural deaths, their numbers dwindle

The dog population becomes stable, non-breeding, non-aggressive and rabies-free, and it gradually decreases over a period of time

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A sterilised dog being examined at WSD

Garbage provides a source of food

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