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We rehome many abandoned pets and also try to find good homes for street dogs. Each dog is put through a temperament test by our animal behaviourist and trained volunteers. We believe the adoption procedure for a dog requires as much care as the adoption of a child. People who want to adopt dogs from us, undergo a screening process including an interview. In some cases, they are requested to visit the kennel several times prior to adoption so that they can develop a bond with their chosen pet. Dogs are only given when we are sure the new owners are caring, sincere and responsible. Dogs over 3 months of age are vaccinated against rabies before adoption.

WSD was the first organisation in Mumbai to start Adoption Melas or Adoptathons. In May 2003, we organized Mumbai's first "Adoption Mela". 10 of the 14 dogs put up for adoption got good homes, and the event received a lot of attention from the media. A second Mela in January 2005 was also very successful.

What makes our adoption program unique:

  • Strict screening procedure

  • Behaviour and temperament testing of dogs prior to adoption

  • Behaviour counseling post-adoption

If you would like to adopt a dog from WSD, contact Ms. Daisy Sidhwa, Adoption Manager, on call + 91 22 64222838 or email us on

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At the WSD Adoption Mela

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