Pariah Dog Club

Why adopt a pariah ?

The Indian Pariah Dog is an ancient breed related to the spitz family and the Australian Dingo. Its origin dates back 12,000 to 15,000 years – older than any other breed. Since it is not commercially bred or recognised, it has long been relegated to a second-class position in the canine world. However in recent years it has been steadily gaining in popularity as a house pet.

Pariahs are friendly, highly intelligent and adaptable, not to mention good-looking and well-proportioned. They are very alert and naturally good watchdogs. They are usually healthy and sturdy, and particularly hardy in our sweltering tropical climate.

In Israel, the local Pariah dog has now been recognised and specially bred.

(Still need a reason why you should adopt a pariah?)

If you would like to adopt a dog from WSD, or to enrol your pet pariah or mongrel in the WSD Indian Pariah Dog Club, call +91 22 64222838 or email us at

Pariahs Tuffy and Candy with their owners
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