WSD Activities

Education and awareness

We believe that public acceptance is critical to the success of the sterilization program. Our education program reaches out to different sections of the public and explains the benefits of sterilizing dogs. It is also an important tool in the rabies eradication project, as we use it to communicate important information about rabies and its prevention.

We use the following methods to spread this message:

  • Presentations in schools. We cover dog-care, rabies prevention, the street dog issue and dog population control.

  • Presentations on dog bite and rabies prevention for municipal schools in Hindi and Marathi.

  • Presentations to groups such as Rotaract Clubs, Rotary Clubs and citizens groups

  • Rabies awareness drives in public places such as railway stations and parks

  • Leaflets on rabies in English, Hindi and Marathi distributed free at all WSD events

  • Posters, hoardings, leaflets, press ads and cinema slides for the general public

  • Stalls at events such as college festivals, exhibitions, fairs and dog-shows. Information panels are displayed at our outlets and leaflets are distributed. On an average we take part in two or three events every month. We also organize sales of our specially designed products in corporate offices; this provides additional opportunities to spread awareness

  • Visits to the kennels by school children, NGO and corporate groups

What makes our education program unique:

  • Targets many different sections of society

  • A high level of interaction with the audience

  • A trained and specialized education team, led by our Education Managers, and a team of dedicated volunteers


Chart presentation in slums

Slide presentation to school children

Exhibition on rabies at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus

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