WSD Dogs up for adoption

Young girl, Dora, is happy-go-lucky, intelligent, affectionate, playful and a very quick learner. At just 10 months old, she gets on brilliantly with kids and other dogs and would be the perfect addition to a loving family.
Tommy, our young male, walks on 3 legs due to a past injury but this small handicap doesn't deter him from running fast, being very active and socializing with all other dogs. He's playful with a wonderful temperament and is extremely loving and healthy.
Young and full of life, one and a half year old Reagan is one of the happiest dogs you'll come across. Incredibly intelligent, he loves his walks, paddling in the sea, car drives and hanging out with people. Trained and friendly, he's always ready for an adventure!
Akshay is one of our most friendly senior dogs. He loves people. Independent and intelligent, he loves to go for quiet walks around the neighbourhood. He's gentle with a wonderful temperament, which often makes him a show stopper at most events we take him to.
One year old Oscar is a happy, healthy little dog, who loves attention, pampering, playtime and his biscuits! He's gentle even with children and senior citizens. He's toilet trained, leash trained and obedient. He loves his walks and rides in cars.
Sandy came to us with a wound on her face, having lost one eye. She's a healthy, sweet natured, gentle dog now, who loves her walks. Quiet, yet playful, she gets on well with dogs and children.
Buddy, our Labrador boy, is loving, intelligent and well trained. Playful and friendly, he bounds with excitement when we have visitors at our kennels.
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