WSD Activities

Case studies
Meet a few of the stray dogs who have been cured under our Healthcare programme

Cured of distemper, with a short course of antibiotics followed by homeopathy, supportive treatment and dedicated nursing by a WSD volunteer.
Suffering from paralysis due to a spinal injury. Treated with homeopathy and supportive therapy, Joshila made a complete recovery.
Paralysed due to severe spinal degeneration, Mala was treated with homeopathy and back on her feet in three weeks.
Suffered from serious anaemia and liver disease. Cured with homeopathy, liver and iron tonics, and sugarcane juice donated by the owners of a nearby stall!
Her foreleg was badly cut in a car accident and bled uncontrollably. She was saved due to prompt treatment by our first-aid team.
Had 20% burns due to firecrackers. Treated at our centre and later on site with homeopathic and ayurvedic applications.
Had an enormous maggot-infested head wound which took a few months to cure.
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